If Dale Peterson Was Black

This is an ad campaign for Dale Peterson. He's running for Agriculture Commissioner of Alabama. Now I won't get into why this man sounds like a nut job.

I will however ponder this: If a black man was running for a public office using gun imagery and speaking using "black dialect" aka "ebonics" while calling people dummy, do you think he would be seen as patriotic and a viable, realistic candidate for any political position? Or would he be labeled a thug who lacks class and is too lowly to hold any position of power? Why is it that when it comes to certain stereotypes, some are ok, while others are not?

We can pretend we are in the wild, wild west, ready to shoot folks in the face and talk like a hillbilly and find that acceptable? Obviously to some people, yes.

I think this is why the rest of the world is scared of Americans.