R.I.P. Aiyana Jones

In Detroit a 7 year old girl was shot by a police officer in a raid looking for a murder suspect. The police conducted a no knock search warrant and entered the home with a flash grenade. Per the police there was a 46 year old woman in the living area (the victim's grandmother) who apparently got into a physical altercation with the officer. While this raid was going on, there was another raid in another residence in the home (apparently it was a home made into apartments, something the CNN story and other mainstream media outlets left out). They claim they arrested the said suspect, but they won't tell us which unit he was actually in.

I sincerely hope this isn't a case of the police abusing their power.

Do you think there will be national outrage about this case, or will it continue to be an issue where we prove America doesn't like or care about black people?