We're Bringing Back Jim Crow Thanks to Rand Paul

We got a black President. One step forward. Rand Paul disagrees with the Public Accommodation clause of the Civil Rights Act and wins Kentucky's republican primary for senator. Ten steps back.

The Public Accommodation clause is the clause that most people should be familiar with. You've seen the pictures of black folks at the lunch counters of whites only businesses.

Like this:

He feels that private businesses should be able to openly discriminate against any and every one. Now this comes as no surprise to me that this man would have his views, his father Ron Paul shares his views. I still don't know why black folks were excited about this racist, conspiracy theorist whack job. We won't talk about his former spokesperson, Christopher Hightower. We know he isn't racist, right?

Now the libertarian, tea party, and republican theory on racism is that racism would have gone away on it's own. Slavery would have eventually ended, so would have Jim Crow, if the evil government hadn't forced it down our throats. I don't buy it. Laissez faire capitalism would not have fixed any of these things. Not because people are just inherently racist. It's because people will choose convenience over ethics.

For instance, the town I live in is 2% African American. Yeah, I really need to move. We plan to before Rabbit goes to school. If a business decides to exclude black people, the lack of black business in my town wouldn't squash a business, but would I believe that the majority of white people would go out of their way to drive further to another business that offers the same service? Not likely, it isn't convenient, and denying blacks doesn't impact them in any way.

Another reason I don't believe this will happen, is case and point in my town, we're pretty segregated. This town is overwhelmingly white. There is no black side of town, because there aren't enough black people to have one. I know my town isn't some anomaly, but I would venture to say, most places are self imposed segregated. So if you are a minority in a particular place, and businesses decide to discriminate against a minority, it wouldn't matter to them, and you will be left driving further and being inconvenienced simply because your skin tone isn't pleasing to a business owner.

So yes, the free market although wonderful will not end racism.

Rand Paul will probably win thanks to the Tea Party support he received, and then we can decide if business owners can have the right to bring back slavery.