What's Wrong With Being A Conservative?

What's Wrong With Being A Conservative? Not a damn thing. You can be conservative all you want. I'm ok with it. I think you have a jacked up ideology and contradict yourselves, but that is just me. I'm just freaked out by conservatives due to your history and current antics.

You guys seem not to like black people too much. RIchard Nixon's campaign southern strategy to capture the disgruntled white Southerners mad about desegregation and being forced to integrate starts my intense dislike for the conservatives who feign they haven't used race based fear tactics to capture the white vote. Your messiah Reagan had this thing about "welfare queens", even though his story was debunked, you guys ran with it, and still do. We also can't forget about his reluctance to give Martin Luther King a holiday because like Obama he was a "Communist". We can't forget the lack of outrage for anything that Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh say about race. They are determined that Obama hates white people and is trying to implement reparations that only innocent white people will pay for. Pat Buchanan told the truth about the republican party. They don't want or feel they need the minority vote. He can downplay slavery telling us negroes to become excited that slavery made us Americans. He's taking a glass is half full approach to slavery, downplaying it as something positive, instead of what it really was, which is horrific. Of course to him and conservatives, white people built this country while us minorities just sat on our asses doing nothing. Now those same white people are losing "their" country.

When you sit silent on people like this, tout them as examples of your beliefs, I have no compassion for you, I don't like you, it makes me think you have no humanity, and you seem to want to rewrite history. Let's not go there with the Tea Parties, and their deafening silence they had with the racist signs that permeated their rallies until they were forced to address the issue, and then walk around like they are innocent victims being persecuted. Silence equals acceptance. We assume you all feel that way, when you sit their quietly with the racist bullshit all around you.

I don't think the Democrats give a rat's ass about me either, I'm not that stupid. The Democrats just at least pretend to like me and don't vocally outright hate me, and that's a plus in my book, as sad as that might sound. Act like you give a damn about black people, and quit pretending white people are the only people who pay taxes, while everyone else is sucking on your teet. I pay taxes and I'm paying for that white single mother on welfare, as well as that black single mother who is doing the same.

If you're a conservative, great, but your politics don't seem to give a damn about me, so I don't give a damn about your politics.