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Have we started going backwards? Do we lack basic humanity for others?

Yeah, I'm supposed to be on hiatus, but I want folks to look at this video. See what some of us have become.

Let's start with the fact that these women fighting seem to be missing parts of their clothing. Some are missing pants. Some are missing tops.

These are grown people fighting. Not kids, grown ups.

One of these "grown ups" is pregnant. She is fighting. A grown pregnant woman is fighting folks. Does she not know a kick to the stomach could lead to harming her child or worse?

What is the most pathetic thing about this video is the fact that there are men hitting women. A man and two women decide to jump a pregnant woman.

There are men referring to women as bitches. The cameraman is telling folks to "beat that bitch". The "bitch" in question is a PREGNANT LADY.

The worst part of all: Not one person is trying to diffuse the situation. No one thought to try to stop this mess? Someone else tries to jump in on the action, but no one tries to stop the fight. I understand you don't want to get involved, why not call the police? Alert the manager of the Burger King? Why the hell are we allowing this mess to go on in the year 2010?


I'm on Break

Hey you guys,

You may have noticed that I don't post often and when I do, it isn't like my old posts. It's because this baby is HIGH MAINTENANCE. As a result, the blog is going on hiatus for a while. I'll be back, I think, but right now I have baby brain, and so I'm really boring, and can't be my usual angry self.


Dear Mel Gibson

Dear Mel Gibson,

Please, just shut up. Seriously are you so race obsessed you are thinking about black men raping your now ex-girlfriend? I understand you don't like what your girlfriend was wearing, but honestly was she really going to get raped by a "pack of n*&#^@@"?

Mel I thought you would know this, having done Lethal Weapon with Danny Glover, but honestly, are black men like animals traveling in packs like wild animals in heat waiting to prey upon scantily clad Russian women? I assumed Danny Glover did not bring a "pack" of black men to the sets of all the Lethal Weapons and rape anyone, did he? I mean he played a mean "Mister" in "The Color Purple", but I thought he was just acting. Maybe he's a rapist.

I also assumed you would know better about using racial slurs. Remember that whole "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" thing and how everyone got mad at you? Now you are walking around using the n-word? Oh Mel.

Let's also discuss your need to refer to your baby mamma as a "b*#*%", a "wh*re", and a "f*&#(@(# pig in heat". I mean honestly Mel you made "Passion of the Christ". Would Jesus want you to be a misogynist? I mean Jesus didn't go around calling Mary Magdalene such names did he?

Do you really want to be labeled a racist and a sexist Mel?

Anyway, I hope you again have learned your lesson, but I know in reality you haven't, so I'm going to go ahead and let you go.