Dark Girls

This is a documentary that is coming out later this year, exploring colorism and racism. I'm kind of interested. I find it odd though, that some of those women identify as dark skinned, when to me they might fall into the medium complected category. Maybe they grew up like me, and had people who had never really been around dark people, tell them they were dark or they were the color they were because they were "dirty"?

I remember growing up and my mother calling me "black as smut" when I darkened from playing in the sun all day. I didn't grow up thinking that was a bad thing, but I guess if my appearance warranted comments, it must have been a concern or somewhat noteworthy to my mom. I also knew folks who used Ambi and other bleaching creams on their face to lighten up their complexion.

No matter what the reasoning for people using bleaching cream or my mother calling me "black as smut", I will say I think colorism is a big thing in the black community and that many times it is disregarded by the black community, much like racism is dismissed by many in the white community. How do we expose colorism without offending lighter skinned blacks? How do we address the issues of self hatred in the community, when it isn't even acknowledged?

I won't even address the natural hair and black men response to dark skinned women issues addressed. I've addressed that many times before.