Dishing Money Out To Black People

I'm amazed that there are people in this world under the impression that the government just hands out money to black people. In matter of fact I just talked to a man today who told me that the Democratic party won the black vote by "dishing out money to them". I want to know what money? Where the hell is my money? He was talking about welfare and other public assistance. I've never been on welfare or public assistance. I also want to note that welfare and public assistance isn't limited to black people. I've seen some white folks on it, as well as hispanic, and yes even Asians.

Why is it that welfare and public assistance is associated with black people? I kind of want to blame black people. Not all black people, but people like Jon Singleton, members of N.W.A., and the guys who did "Poetic Justice" and "Menace II Society". I know that this was supposedly to expose the gritty reality of gangsta life and living in "da hood", but not all black folks are living like this. I think Ice T's name is Tracy. Tracy!?!?!? How hard can you be with a name like Tracy. Ice Cube's name is O'Shea. O'Shea!!! How is that gangsta? That name sounds like someone who speaks in limericks and drinks a lot of Guinness, not gang bang.

Damn you Roc, Damn you. Y'all know you remember Roc.

But then I blame mainstream America for running with it. Never do we see American History X and assume all white people are skinheads who viciously assault black people. Or do we think that all white people are inbred people capable of man rape and wanting folks to squeal like pigs because of Deliverance.

How do we stop the foolishness. This to me is the reason we can't have an honest dialogue on race, because when people come up with this nonsense and run with it, we can't get past the stupidity to get to the meat of the argument.