You Miss Me?

Probably not :) However the last year or so has been really freaking busy. Children are no joke. I have a newfound respect for parents, especially stay at home moms. Just because you stay at home, it does not mean you are sitting on your ass watching TV all day. I do miss blogging, but I just don't seem to have the passion anymore and there was lots of opportunity to blog about stuff since I've been away. Donald Trump. Shirley Sherrod. The Tea Party in general. Lots of stuff.

I think I'm going to try to jump back in the waters. Albeit slow. I have found facebook is way to dangerous of a place to rant, especially since I do it with people I know in real life. I don't think people know how angry and black I am :)

OK my realizations since my last postings here:

  • Children make everything take twice as long. It takes twice as long to get dressed. Twice as long to eat. Twice as long to get in and out of a car.
  • Sometimes kids don't want to eat applesauce or bananas, but they do want to eat some stank old animal cracker found underneath the deep, dark, underbelly of a couch
  • Playdates are great for social interaction for the baby, but for the mom it makes no sense to be surrounded by other women and to befriend them simply because their kids are around the same age. Some moms are AWESOME. Others I want to give the stank eye to.
  • My boobs no longer belong to me.
  • Babywearing saved my life.
  • My life no longer is solely mine. There are days I want to drink a bottle of wine, but I don't because I have other stuff to worry about.
  • I'm even more of a evil godless liberal than I thought
  • I'm still angry and black, but I'm tired because people just seem to be stupid, and you can't fix stupid.
  • I still need to blog on occasion and I really need to get back into the swing of things outside of Rabbit Land. Blogging would be one thing that was part of my life before the baby.
So I guess I'm saying. I'm trying to make a comeback on this blog. Wish me luck.