I know this is shocking, but there are racists in Kentucky!!!!

So I read this article over at the Huffington Post. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was looking at the right date. It indeed said 11/30/11. It said the year 2011, not 1911. Seriously. This is post racial America? This is Christianity? People often deny that racism is alive and well. Well folks, here it is. Interracial couples in the year 2011 are not allowed to be members of a church in Kentucky. They can't participate in certain worship activities. Their church is pure, and their God I guess has an issue with two people being married and going into their church to worship. Jesus take the wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to get post post racial America, that's going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interracial Couple Banned From Kentucky Church
Interracial Couples

First Posted: 11/30/11 06:08 PM ET Updated: 11/30/11 06:20 PM ET

In a move to "promote greater unity" among its body and the Pike County community it serves, a small Kentucky church voted to ban interracial couples from membership and from participating in certain worship activities, Kentucky.com reports.

Though reminiscent of some Jim Crow-era mandate, the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church actually made the decision earlier this month, following a visit from 24-year-old Stella Harville, daughter of the church's secretary and clerk, and her 29-year-old fiance, Ticha Chikuni, a native of Zimbabwe.

According to Harville's father, Dean Harville, Stella brought Chikuni to the church in June where they performed a song for the congregation.

Following the visit, pastor Melvin Thompson told Harville that his daughter and her fiance could not sing at the church again. Thompson later proposed that the church go on record saying that while all people were welcome to attend public worship services there, the church did not condone interracial marriage.

His proposal, which was accepted by a 9-6 vote last week, also suggested that married interracial couples be prohibited from becoming members and used in worship activities, except for funerals.

"It's not the spirit of the community in any way, shape or form," said Randy Johnson, president of the Pike County Ministerial Association, according to Kentucky.com.

While Pike County and the surrounding community come to grips with the church's decision, researchers at Ohio State University and Cornell University say black-white marriages in the United States are soaring, increasing threefold, from 3 percent in 1980 to 10.7 percent in 2008

Burberry Ad Campaign

Some interesting pics from the Burberry Ad Campaign. I noticed it in this month's W Magazine.

The female model is Jourdan Dunn the brown haired model is Matthew Whitehouse. The blond model is Thomas Penfound.


Now I'm Just Scared: The Strange Thing About The Johnsons

This movie is excellent, but disturbing!!!!!

Facebook Is Serious

Yes, I've had time to be on facebook, but no time to blog. I've been a bad Siditty, and I apologize. Over the last year I've been on facebook under my real name and interacting with real people I know in real life. This should be a great thing, right? NO. It isn't a great thing at all. Between my husband and I, we've lost a few real life friends and family. Maybe not lost them, but we no longer have the warm fuzzy feelings we once had. It's no secret, but I'm a liberal, atheist, interracially married and living in Texas. Most people in Texas aren't liberals, aren't atheists, and sure as hell aren't interracially married. This makes for interesting facebook interactions. I see posts about Obama trying to stop Christmas, that he is a Muslim who attended a Christian church by white man hating Reverend Wright. I see posts about it being cold so that global warming does not exist as a result. That Herman Cain is an awesome person who tells it like it is.

These types of posts are normal for people outside the internet world. Even the atheists I know in real life are libertarians who pretty much are republican and think Obama is a socialist out to destroy America. I know I should leave well enough alone, but no, I make comments, refute things by posting things from snopes, science journals, or other news sources. This is where it gets tricky and people start talking to you and about you like you're a red headed step child. This is when I go uber bitch and talk to them like their red headed step children. It just ends up ugly and causes animosity.

I guess I say all this to say, I should maybe you my blog as an outlet and maybe use their comments as inspiration as to why Obama did not kill Christmas, or discuss global warming. If I don't, we might alienate EVERYONE we know.