Black People Can't Swim Anyway, No Biggie, Right?

I'm reading a story about racism. Me reading about racism? In America? Never. A black girl when visiting her parents decided she wanted to swim in the apartment complex pool. Sounds perfectly normal, right? Apparently the girl swimming in the pool caused the water to go cloudy, at least that is what the land lord said. Her hair products seemed to cause the water to go cloudy. The land lord's solution to keep the water from going cloudy is to make the swimming pool "whites only". Yeah, white people don't use hair products. If the true concern was that the water was cloudy, why not suggest a bathing cap be worn or hair be freshly washed before entering the pool? Oh, I'm sorry, that would make too much sense. I've said this for a while, but post racial America is working on my nerves. The post racial America is the dream of Rand and Ron Paul, and reminds me of the Jim Crow era at times. Yes the government tells people that we can't deny people the same basic rights over every one else based upon skin color. Yes, the government is now evil and that lady should be as racist as she wants. I'm just sad a child in 2011 is getting a "negro wake up call", I thought post racial America was supposed to fix this?