Dear Mr. Nugent

Dear Mr. Nugent,

I'm so sorry you're having a hard time with the re-election of Barack Obama.  It seems a lot of people are. I've seen your tweets from the last day or so, and I'm sorry you're all upset, but to be honest I'm happy as hell.   I'm full of glee, and I extremely happy with the results of the Presidential election.   I guess I'm going to clear up a few misconceptions that you and others seem to have about those of us who support and who respect our current President.

Number One:   I'm not varmin.  I don't believe in paying for others obesity or cell phones.  I do however feel it is my duty to help those who are unable to help themselves due to disability or inability to find a job.  I also don't think their offspring should starve to death, even if their parents are lazy leeches of society.  I know that many people feel that there are organizations or churches that can help these people, but unfortunately these organizations and churches suffer when the rest of the economy suffers and cannot always fulfill the needs of those struggling, and many of these organizations and churches rely heavily on federal aid and grants in order to function in even the best of circumstances.   I wish more people had unlimited sources to help others, but unfortunately we don't always have that.   I don't believe others should pay for my birth control or abortions either.   What I do believe is that if an insurance company can cover Viagra and penile implants, they should be able to cover birth control.  I also believe that abortion should be up to the individual and that the government has no room in determining what I do with my body.

That first point was kind of long winded, and I'm sure the other points will be too, but does my explanation seem all that far fetched at this point? I certainly hope not.

Number Two:  I do not believe that the hardest workers are providing for the non workers. You seem to equate poverty with laziness.  As a person who is one generation removed from poverty, I do not agree.  My grandparents were poor, but they worked hard. My grandfather always had a job, and my grandmother at times had multiple jobs to make ends meet.   My grandfather attempted to work in the construction and drafting field way into his late seventies and early eighties, and even after he quit working construction, he became a crossing guard.  I've seen the poor, and most of them are working. They aren't all leeching off the government, waiting for handouts.  Sometimes they get laid off. Sometimes people can't find much in way of a job due to economic conditions, lack of an education, or many other factors.  Sometimes people get sick and reach their lifetime limit on their insurance, and can no longer pay their medical bills.   Did you know one of the biggest reasons for bankruptcy in this country is due medical costs?  It's expensive to get sick in America, and sometimes even the hardest worker gets sick.   For the record, I've never had public assistance.  I have however attended public schools, driven on public roads, used public libraries, and enjoyed various government funded parks and beaches, so I can't say I'm completely self reliant.  I know several rich people who are rich because they have had the opportunity to have some wonderful, hard working, intelligent people working for them.  I've known rich folks who are rich simply because of being born rich. Not saying that rich people in general don't work hard, it's just that wealth doesn't always mean hard work.

Number Three:  I'm not sure which justices of the Supreme Court you are referring to, but I'm pretty sure all of them are lawyers, and that all of them took Constitutional Law and know ALL about the Constitution, probably more than you and I ever could.   I will however say this, the beauty of our Constitution is this, it's a fairly short document compared to other countries, and it seems open to change.  It seems our Founding Fathers were super smart and realized what was the norm for their times, wouldn't always be forever. It means we can amend the Constitution.  The amendments are great.  They allow women and minorities to vote.   They allow us free speech.  They allow us the right to bear arms.  I know you're into hunting, I know you love that one, right?

Number Four:  I'm not a pimp whore or welfare brat, but I might be a soulless supporter.   I support welfare brats because I do not believe a 2 year child living in the projects is worth less than a 2 year old child living in the suburbs.  I imagine they need the same amount of care, love, food, and clothing, and that just because one kid has a harder time getting these things than the other, doesn't mean they are less deserving.  In terms of pimps and whores, I think they're doing ok without my help, or so I think, I'm not familiar with what is going on in that world, I just hope there aren't a bunch of young women and men, girls and boys getting sexually exploited, and I hope our fine police departments take care of the pimps.  I'm not quit sure when voting democratic meant supporting pimp whores, but I just felt I needed to address that issue.

Now that I've kind of cleared all those things up, let me tell you why I voted for Barack Obama and vote democratic in general.

Number One: I used to work in the insurance industry.  I think our insurance industry is flawed.   I don't think it should be ok to deny kids with cancer. I don't think that treatments that are accepted by the medical establishment should still be considered experimental by the insurance industry.  I don't think that if you get sick, you should have to worry about determining whether to pay your mortgage or your medical bills. I think the Affordable Care Act tries to fix that. To me it isn't about birth control. I've been paying out of pocket for that for years,  but I'm also grateful that my husband and I have the means to cover what insurance won't.   I know not everybody can and does.

Number Two:  Our economy is in shambles.  It has been since before he was in office. It took a long time for our economy to get to this point, it's going to take a long time for it get back. This is the biggest recession since the Great Depression.   This time we have fared better because we now have safety nets in place to make sure people can feed their families and get housing to help them survive until they get back on their feet.   I think the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was a great start, but I feel that the Republican controlled Senate was so focused on making our President a one term President, they forgot they were there for the people, not for some type of revenge.   I think that if the President had gotten more cooperation, things would be even better, and yes things have gotten better the last four years.   He's cut prescription costs for medicare patients fifty percent.  More private sector jobs were created in 2010 than in ALL of the 8 years Bush was in office.   He pretty much saved the American automotive industry.  I know this might not sound like much, but it seems pretty big to me.  I think he is on the right track, and I think we're going to get out of this big huge mess sooner rather than later.  I also don't believe in trickle down aka supply side economics. The Bush tax cuts hurt our economy, at least according to at least ten Nobel prize laureates.

Number Three:  I have no problem with gay people wanting to get married. I have no problem with gay people getting insurance benefits for their spouses, or the rights to the property of their spouses if they should die.   I mean why do I care?   It does not diminish my marriage at all.   I still love my husband and he still loves me, regardless if two guys have the same rights I do.   For some reason the conservative movement doesn't feel the same way I do.   I believe that equality and diversity are not the downfall of our country, but the thing that makes us distinctly unique.

Number Four:  States rights, I wish I could be a supporter of states rights.  I really do, but my familiarity with states rights and their history turn me off of states rights.  States rights in the past have essentially been a way for the majority to take rights away from others. Did you know in my state, it was illegal for my husband and I to be married until the federal government stepped in?  It was also illegal for blacks to vote.  We also had segregation and slavery.  All of these things were protected and defended under the guise of states rights.   If states rights were about the community knowing what's best itself, how were banning sodomy, interracial marriage, or allowing who groups of people to be oppressed good for the community?  If states rights in our history have been used in deplorable ways.   Is the majority always right?  Should the majority exploit and oppress the minority?

Number Five:  I do not think America should ever become a theocracy.  This might to many be "God's Country", but our Constitution tells us we have religious freedom and this country was founded on religious freedom.  Didn't the Pilgrims come here to escape religious prosecution? So if you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindi, a Jew, or an Atheist, you should have the same rights as everyone else.   The current conservative movement seems very intent on making sure we are all Christian, the problem is, we are not.

Now I know this is long winded, but does it help you understand my position more?    Does it make you realize I'm not varmin. I'm not lazy, and that indeed I might even agree with you on same things (not politics), but that we are ALL Americans, and no matter who is in office, we should try to get along and refrain the the hatred and name calling?  I'm guilty of it myself, but I'm just tired of it all, and I hope that maybe you get the candidate of your choice in 2016, ok maybe not, but at least I hope you know that all of us Democrats are not evil people.


Paul Ryan Had A Black Girlfriend, Take That You Race Baiting Liberals? What?!?!?!?!?!? Wait A Minute........

Well we've learned that Paul Ryan had a black girlfriend in college. That proves he's not a racist, right? The "evil liberals" always throw around the "race card" when it comes to Republicans. Ryan can't be racist, he had a black ex girlfriend. Well, yes he could be. I'm not saying Ryan is a racist, let's not go crazy. I'm just saying he is not some color blind lover of all races and pro equality. You know who else was down with the swirl? Strom Thurmond. He was also pro-segregation. Yes he boned a black woman. He might have even actually liked her, or even loved her, but that doesn't excuse him as some bastion of racial equality. I've dated white guys who were racist. They didn't think they were racist, but they said racist things and saw me as the exception. I've met many white people who thought I was the exception and some magical negro. I was some exception to all the negative stereotypes that infiltrate their minds when they think of black people. The fact that this even mentioned in the media proves that race and racism still matters in 2012.


The Good Pastor Creflo Dollar Wrongly Jailed Because Of His Fast Ass Daughter

I'm sure you've all heard about the infamous Creflo Dollar incident. It has shocked the black community, and as usual in our community Pastor Dollar has his defenders who portray him as a victim, and his daughter is now disrespectful, horrible, fast person who has done the good old Pastor Dollar wrong.

I don't know if you guys have read the incident report. This man choked his daughter and then beat her down to the ground in the kitchen. People are saying this is an example of government getting involved and showing parents they can't discipline their child. If you think choking your kid is discipline, then you can't be helped.

I'm tired of black folks running around once again making the attacker the victim and the victim the attacker. Let's put it this way. The good old Pastor Dollar raised this girl, so if the girl he attacked was disrespectful, then it's his fault, he raised her that way. If she asked to go to a party and was told no, and then got upset about it, more than likely she probably isn't as disrespectful as you think, because as a teen I knew many kids who were told no they couldn't go somewhere, didn't say a word to their parents, and then snuck their tricky asses out of the house to do what their parents had just told them NOT to do. She asked to go, she didn't just go. Even if she was disrespectful, you don't CHOKE your child. I get it, you pay the bills, you feed and cloth them, and they still have attitude and have no clue how much you do for them. Welcome to the world of a teenager, they are self centered, they are hormonal, and they think they are special snowflakes who have idiots as parents who they think don't know jack shit. If you get angry at the thought of paying bills and raising your child, and think that choking is a legitimate way to discipline your child, then you probably shouldn't have kids. I get it, parenting is frustrating, but choking your child is unacceptable, even when the good old Pastor Dollar does it, and the reaction to this news shouldn't be to rally round him coddle him and vilify his daughter, but instead we need to be outraged that this man choked his child and wonder when in the hell he plans to apologize to his family and to his congregation for doing such a horrible thing.

Another thing the black community needs to do is let go of the PTSD of slavery and quit thinking a "smackdown" will solve all problems. It doesn't. Sometimes it just makes kids more violent. Sometimes your kids end up giving you the smackdown. Look at other ways of disciplining your kid and don't do something just because that was what was done to you.


Making Deities Out of Atheists and the Tyranny of the Majority

So apparently a newspaper has posted a story about Richard Dawkin's family and their ties to slavery. Yes, slavery was bad. Yes, his family was involved generations ago. I don't think anyone has openly denounced Richard Dawkins as a racist. However, the remarks I've found "defending" a man, who honestly doesn't need defending, have been a bit freaking disheartening. This post really isn't about Dawkins, but the atheist community in general.

I'm an atheist. I make no secret of it, you can also tell from the title of my blog, I'm black and angry. Well it's really subjective to determine if I'm really angry, but it's pretty darn obvious I'm black.

I think that like many other communities, the atheist community is made up of the majority, and their voices are the loudest, and often times, those voices drown out other voices. In terms of the atheist community, it's most vocal and noted are white men. I don't have a problem with this. I like reading Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris. I think these men are awesome and I think they've done wonderful things to mainstream atheism, or at least get the awareness out that atheists are just like everyone else, and tend to just believe in one less god than the average person in the Western World. I also know I don't necessarily agree with everything these men say. I don't agree with Dawkin's reaction to "Elevatorgate". I didn't agree with Hitchen's stance on the "War on Terror". It doesn't necessarily mean that I dismiss their impact on the world of atheism.

Same with the knowledge that Dawkin's had ancestor's that owned slaves. Why does this turn into a discussion about reparations and people "whining"? That's frustrating to me and further confirms that the majority cannot and will not empathize. However, I find that many people tend to make these men into Gods. They jump to their defense at the drop of a hat. It doesn't matter the subject, if they said it, it must be true. Which has me question those that hold this belief. How can you say you trust anything blindly? The beauty of being an atheist is being able to question. We get mad at people who defend god blindly, but then defend people who support your movement blindly without recourse, without empathy, and without the ability to hear the other side. How can you do that and call yourself an atheist, if you've replaced a god with a scientist?

When Richard Dawkins talks about evolution, I listen, that is his expertise, however when he talks about feminism or women's issues, I have to take a step back, as that isn't what he is known for. I can't defend him as being a know it all for all things. It doesn't mean I don't respect the guy, but I'm not going to go to him as an expert on ALL things. Does that make me a hater of Dawkins? I also don't understand the need to demonize and start stereotyping black people because now you've seen a story you didn't like about Dawkins. I don't think Richard Dawkins is a racist. I don't think he has ever advocated racism, and I don't think he should atone for the sins of his ancestors, but I also don't think dismissing the struggles of black people the world over and how slavery, colonialism, apartheid, and segregation have impacted black people will do any good to progress the atheist movement or prove that an irrelevant article about Dawkins ancestry should even be defended. It should be mocked.