The Good Pastor Creflo Dollar Wrongly Jailed Because Of His Fast Ass Daughter

I'm sure you've all heard about the infamous Creflo Dollar incident. It has shocked the black community, and as usual in our community Pastor Dollar has his defenders who portray him as a victim, and his daughter is now disrespectful, horrible, fast person who has done the good old Pastor Dollar wrong.

I don't know if you guys have read the incident report. This man choked his daughter and then beat her down to the ground in the kitchen. People are saying this is an example of government getting involved and showing parents they can't discipline their child. If you think choking your kid is discipline, then you can't be helped.

I'm tired of black folks running around once again making the attacker the victim and the victim the attacker. Let's put it this way. The good old Pastor Dollar raised this girl, so if the girl he attacked was disrespectful, then it's his fault, he raised her that way. If she asked to go to a party and was told no, and then got upset about it, more than likely she probably isn't as disrespectful as you think, because as a teen I knew many kids who were told no they couldn't go somewhere, didn't say a word to their parents, and then snuck their tricky asses out of the house to do what their parents had just told them NOT to do. She asked to go, she didn't just go. Even if she was disrespectful, you don't CHOKE your child. I get it, you pay the bills, you feed and cloth them, and they still have attitude and have no clue how much you do for them. Welcome to the world of a teenager, they are self centered, they are hormonal, and they think they are special snowflakes who have idiots as parents who they think don't know jack shit. If you get angry at the thought of paying bills and raising your child, and think that choking is a legitimate way to discipline your child, then you probably shouldn't have kids. I get it, parenting is frustrating, but choking your child is unacceptable, even when the good old Pastor Dollar does it, and the reaction to this news shouldn't be to rally round him coddle him and vilify his daughter, but instead we need to be outraged that this man choked his child and wonder when in the hell he plans to apologize to his family and to his congregation for doing such a horrible thing.

Another thing the black community needs to do is let go of the PTSD of slavery and quit thinking a "smackdown" will solve all problems. It doesn't. Sometimes it just makes kids more violent. Sometimes your kids end up giving you the smackdown. Look at other ways of disciplining your kid and don't do something just because that was what was done to you.