Oh Suzy, I'm So Sorry You Suffer Because of Diversity

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The internet is abuzz about little Suzy Lee Weiss and her oped piece in the Wall Street Journal.  To sum it up poor Suzy is upset that she didn't get into the colleges of her choice, and it's all because of that ugly diversity.    I'm sorry that diversity offends Suzy.  I'm sorry that a spoiled over privileged white child didn't get what she wanted, and as a result of her oppression was able to broadcast her frustration in a satire released on a national platform.

I'm sorry you look at diversity and fail to ignore legacy. Maybe your parents should have been rich so that they could buy your entrance to Yale or Harvard.  Maybe they should have went to these schools themselves and donated a whole bunch of money.   It's not my fault they didn't do that.  I'm so sorry that snazzy prep school you went to had a piss poor guidance counselor who informed you to "just be yourself".  As someone who is "diverse", being a black female, I was never told that.  Instead I was told that as a black person and a woman  had two strikes against me, and I had to study harder and longer, just to get the scraps of your entitled upbringing.  My parents didn't buy my way into college either.  I instead just studied hard, and worked full time, and went to a ::gasp:: STATE SCHOOL.  I know it's so hard to struggle to be a white woman in America, not only do you get access to using white privilege, you also get protection under the law with Title VII.  Poor Suzy.   I'm so sorry your uncomplicated life now has a speed bump.

So Suzy, your article was just satire.  It was satire insensitive to anything other than your selfish, entitled life. It was rude, it was immature, and again the fact it was published in the Wall Street Journal tells me exactly how hard life will be for you, as it's obvious, even with your little oppressed self, your family had connections to someone who could give you a national platform to piss and moan about how hard life is.  It tells me that your socioeconomic level and sheltered life has inhibited your ability to show empathy for a poor kid who didn't get all the opportunities you had, and probably won't ever get into community college, no matter how smart they are.

You can suck it, Suzy Lee.