See These Folks? They are the folks I strive to protect my daughter from.

See these men smiling at your screen. They look so friendly.  They look like they want to spread the good word. They are the upstanding members of their community.  After all, they're the head of their church, Appleby Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, TX   They spread all kinds of things.   They spread hate and misogyny. I read this article, and I know most will dismiss it as some left leaning dribble attacking all things right in this country, mostly white people, god, and the Bible.  I make no delusion that these people are already probably people I wouldn't agree with, even if they weren't racist and misogynistic   I'm an atheist.  I made the mistake of going to their site, and yes these men are racist, support racist views, and have a congregation full of racists.   They have "articles" on their site explaining their stances on certain things.   

Their article,  "Interracial Marriages in Light of the Scripture", is everything that ever made me question the church.   At it's best, this "article" is ignorant; at worst, it's downright hateful.  

I thought a whore was a person who exchanged sex for money.  Maybe, I was wrong.  Having sex does not make one a whore.  Whores are people who pass up collection plates, in exchange for their salvation, and the people who are instructing them to do so are pimps.   So if we want to talk whores....we need to look at the church.   OK maybe I'm harsh, and the church isn't a bunch of whores, but there certainly are people there with venal traits.  

You're also an adulterer if you divorce and have the audacity to remarry.  My grandmother was an adulterer.  How dare she get married, leave her abusive husband, and find love in a man who helped raise her sons, and then became my grandfather.  There are a whole bunch of Christian adulterers in this world as well.   

We also know that there are three distinct races because God wanted it that way.

So all three races came from one person.  How did that happen without race mixing?   Also if all black people are cursed and their punishment was servitude, how can they repent?  Why are black people being punished for something someone did six thousand years ago?  These same people would be the first to bitch and moan about black people talking about slavery and segregation, and how they are not responsible of the sins of their parents and grandparents over forty years ago.  Their logic is, I must be punished for something that happened SIX THOUSAND years ago, but I can't be mad about some ignorant shit that happened FORTY years ago?  Yeah.  That's a logic fail folks, and for the record, the world is older than six thousand years old, and people did not ride on the backs of dinosaurs.   Seriously.   Their science is flawed, to be Jewish is a religion, not a race.   Race from a scientific standpoint does not exist.  

Did you know my marriage is based upon lust and is a tool of Satan?  Rock on!!!!! I feel all devil worship like. Lust is color blind, and god knows after 14 years together, the relationship is purely based upon sex and has no other redeeming qualities.   I can't wait until we're 70 and the lust is still going strong.  Saggy boobs and balls, are straight up HAWT.   

God is a divider not a uniter.   God in their eyes is like Hitler.   Also in this same article as they discuss why race mixing is wrong, these folks mention that God gives permission to marry a "captive", so really you can marry a slave, and since slaves are in these folks mind, black, it's perfectly fine.   Again, logic fail.   Their own Bible is full of contradictions.  

Also to note about thouroughbreads and dog breeds. Most dog breeds were created by man using selective breeding.  God didn't make Doberman Pinschers.  Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman did.  

At least they admit God is a divider.   God seems like an asshole in Genesis and Deuteronomy.   I wonder how many of these folks are at the local fish fry on the weekends eating shrimp and crawfish?   I bet you they all don't follow the Bible as closely as they think, and these people here like to use to the King James Version. That Bible was made in the 1600s and named after a man who did witch hunts and apparently liked both men and women.  

If you find this stuff not so racist and need further help to prove their racism, we have "Baptist Preachers and Nigger Jokes."  I'm not making this up.

We don't all run around using the n word, but that's not really the point. I also like the loving Christian way in which he says "I am not going to avoid the Scriptures in order to have a NEGRO IN OUR CONGREGATION"

God forbid negroes come to your church, like they really want to.  

These people and their church are absolutely lovely.  Their views on women have warmed my heart as well. As a woman you can't preach, and you better dress modestly, so don't accessorize, God doesn't like it.   

I joke about these people, and I find them ignorant, but I also find them scary.  These people vote.  These people really believe this nonsense.  These are the types that are pushing creationism in school, these are the people trying to feign concern about my child being biracial, but really it's just their hatred of the fact that my husband and I don't subscribe to their hypocritical nonsense.   These are the people are who are going to make life hard for my daughter, so these people are the ones I'm not going to tolerate.  In the past, I tolerated them because I didn't know any better, when folks like these approached me, and they did, they did do one thing that probably scares them, they made me think, they made me question the Bible  and question religion, and for that I'm thankful, but I know not everyone does that, and that is what makes me sad about all of this nonsense.  

If you want to read more about what these people have to offer in logic and flat out wrong science, here is a link to their articles.