Dear White Atheists

Dear white atheists,

You are not the new oppressed. Yes, you face discrimination.  Yes, atheism is still not accepted in many parts of the world, including the United States.  Yes, I think that religion is a hindrance to our society in many ways.  However, you are not all that oppressed.  You are not the new black, gay, women, or transgender. You are not like the jews in Germany during the reign of Hitler.  It’s not that serious, and yes you can be sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and just in general an asshole.  

Years ago, when I joined the social network no one uses, facebook, I decided to join all types of groups.  Groups for feminists, groups for planning and organizing, groups about cloth diapers, and groups about atheism.   The atheist groups in my mind were going to be filled with enlightened people who are all about truth and the American way.  They were filled with white people, in particular lots of white men.  These groups didn't mention race often, but when they did, it usually transpired like this:

They are discussing this sad story.  However, they are now using this as a platform to discuss reverse racism and how racist black people are.   Ignoring why the Michael Browns and Trayvon Martins of the world are killed and they justify it and allow people to walk free. They ignore that these black kids will end up with severely harsh sentences and they will not have the benefit of the doubt of white America.  They will discuss how white people can’t treat black people like they used to, therefore making them white victims of society, silenced because no one has to put up with their bullshit silently anymore. One person is discussing an incident that occurred at age seven, I’m sure it was an incident that didn't require hospitalization, and I’m pretty sure the people who attacked them in question were not adults. Not dismissing it, but it's not quite the same as you know segregation, slavery, and it's lasting impact.

People like this ignore systematic racism, how racism correlates with inequality in this world, and I’m not a magical negro, so I’m not wasting my time explaining to them how stupid they sound as they lament about the evil negroes intent on being racist towards them and causing them great discomfort.

So I hang out here.   These people are atheists too, but they understand black issues. It’s probably because they’re overwhelmingly black.  It’s open to all people, and there are members of all races, but there is often members who join to show this group is proof of reverse racism.  Because black people having their own space where they don’t have to put up with the racist, simple minded tomfuckery I just displayed is a bad thing.   

So suck it up white atheists.  I’m sorry I’m not here to explain racism to you or how black people are not getting a bunch of free stuff and they we are not oppressing you because you can’t say the n-word.   You can try Google though, I hear it works pretty well.