My Problem With Linda Chaver's Problem With Black Girl Magic

Today I read an article on Elle.com outlining the problem with the hashtag #blackgirlmagic.  I have read her points, I understand her hesitation with the hashtag, but I wholeheartedly disagree with her.    Black. Girls. Are. Magic.  There are no qualifiers for that.

Black women are human, I get that; we all get that.   There are the stereotypes of black women being strong, who are able to handle pain, and who are able to handle the stress that others cannot. I agree that those stereotypes are problematic.  However, I also think that we need to be uplifted without some qualifier each and every time.  I don't assume MS or some other medical condition makes you not magic. Sometimes magic is being in pain and having to acknowledge it. Sometimes magic is being able to cry without remorse.  Those things do not and will not negate the awesomeness of a person. Pain does not diminish us or make us less than. Part of our magic now in 2016 is that we can and want to take care of ourselves. We've been relegated to caring for everyone else except ourselves and that time is over. It's time for us to let our magic shine through and let the world know we're wonderful without apology.

We live in a society where black women are considered bottom of the barrel.  We are thrown negative stereotypes from every angle. White men, women, even black men.   We make less money than our counterparts. When we get raped, we live in a culture in which we blame the "fast ass girl" who we want to believe is trying to make another black man a "statistic" if we report these crimes against us.   We are told we're ugly and that everything from our hair to the way we even talk to people is threatening.  Our existence per society is problematic. But, we're not problems, we are blessings and are deserving of praise and recognition.

We need to feel the magic of feeling human without the burdens of the world thrown at us.  Even though there are forces in the world that seek to degrade and dehumanize us, we are still awesome.

As RuPaul says, “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”