Quit Begging People For Your Humanity, It Still Doesn't Work

Quit expecting them to see your humanity. They are incapable of it. Demand respect, demand equality, because otherwise, you'll still be there begging.
Liberals make this mistake time and time again. We march, we yell, we seek to understand the other side. The problem is the other side doesn't see value in you, which is why they demonize you. Tell you you're mentally ill because of your viewpoints. They act as of you are lazy and taking their money via government benefits, even though statistics show differently. They pretend they don't remember the violence of their side, yet manufacture violence to degrade you and strip you of your humanity.
We need to strip them of their humanity. Their vote is their documented proof of their inability to empathize or show concern for other people. We need to let them know their humanity has been stripped away and we see them for the monsters they pretend we are. Liberals need to be blunt, call out the sexism, racism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, and all the hatred of their side and don't back down. Yell in their faces and degrade them like they have been trained to do by the oligarchs they worship.
March now, take your selfies to show you were part of history, but fucking don't ever forget your fight is not over and it won't be over for a good four years. Do more than protest. Vote with your dollars, strip those like them of their financial security, more than their current government does. Do not let them get away with their hatred. Make them uncomfortable. Make them scared, and do it without ever raising a fist.
Get in their heads. Make their fears of losing their privilege a reality.