Why I'm Sitting This Moment of Outrage Out

There's a good reason.
This is the thing, everyone is up in arms because we all realize what happened to that teenager was a horrible crime. We all realize no one deserves that to happen to them.
The difference is this. When the perpetrators of the crimes are white and they commit heinous acts of racial hate and torture, we claim they aren't racist and they get to walk away almost unscathed from the crimes they commit. They serve reduced jail times and get probation. That's what happened in this story I just posted.
These black teens will spend a big chunk of their lives in prison. They will pay for the crimes. They will not be treated with kids gloves.
The justice system gives no fucks about black people. We have always known this.
The justice system says to black victims, "what happened to you wasn't that bad, just shake it off and move on".
The justice system supports and understands the plight of white victims, though.
When white criminals can be punished and held accountable the same way black criminals are, I'll be shouting from the rooftops about justice needing to be served.
When the media covers stories like this and the white people quit trying to pretend it is an isolated incident and mentioning stories like this is just "race baiting", I'll be there to support you.
When the media and white people stop worrying about the future of some white teens taking "locker room banter too far" and can sympathize with the black victim. I'll march in the streets with your in solidarity to ensure we get rid of all the bad people.
Until then, I'm really giving a side eye to this selective outrage and I'm not going to be all upset because I know these black criminals will go to jail and be punished for the awful crimes they did.