Jesse Williams Loves Blackness, But Not Necessarily Black Love

Some of yall are upset about Jesse Williams and his marriage ending because he was out here messing with them white women.
Yall knew he was just so woke. He said black people were magic. He held us down. Jesse loved us so much, how could he be out here cheating on his black wife with a white woman?!?!?!
He ain't the first. Harry Belafonte been doing it since the 1950s. Harry tried to hide it. He had that white woman tanning and claiming half Cherokee and dyeing her hair black so she'd look more ethnic. She was Rachel Dolezal before there was Rachel Dolezal. He then left her and got another white woman. She was younger and he didn't have to try to play it off like she was just a high tone black woman or exotic other race of woman.
Sydney Poitier did the same exact thing. Except he just let his wife be white.
I say all this to say, don't be confusing black love with loving blackness. Jesse might love some black people, but it doesn't mean he wants a black woman. I just hope he doesn't end up trying to trick us like Harry did.
Eartha told us this, but he still got a pass.